Major Explosion At Indaver Antwerp Facility Leaves One Dead

A major explosion occurred Thursday (13 September 2018) in the waste treatment company Indaver, in the port area of ​​Antwerp. The incident left one dead, a 47-year-old man, and four wounded, the company said.

the explosion occurred while liquid waste was spilled from a tank into a pit. Probably due to a mixture of substances, the pit exploded, causing the projection of pieces of concrete. There was no fire, but debris found on the nearby A12.

“The research will have to show exactly what went wrong,” spokeswoman Inge Baertsoen said.

This is the second major event in as many years for Indaver. In February 2016, an explosion and a fire occurred on the Antwerp site. There were no casualties at the time.

CHASE say “Indaver have some serious questions to answer. The company has assured us that this couldn’t happen in Cork Harbour, but this second major explosion within the lifespan of their third application here makes it hard to take any assurances seriously.”

An Bird Pleanala granted permission for a 270,000 waste to energy facility on 29 May 2018.

Following a High Court hearing the anti incinerator group were granted leave to mount a judicial challenge, that will be heard next February.