Cork County Council Say Priority Public Services Will Be Delivered During Covid 19 Restrictions

Cork County Council has assured the public priority services such as road and park maintenance will continue to be delivered during the Covid19 restrctions.

In recent weeks east Cork residents were left fuming as incidents of Corona virus fly-tipping soar and several major potholes riddle some of the regions roads.

The Authority’s Chief Excutive Tim Lucey has said while the Council is putting a critical eye to every aspect of its operations, because of physical distancing restrictions, its scrutinizing what should get done on a project-by-project basis.

Mr Lucey said working within Government guidelines, he has approved of a limited level of necessary essential work to be undertaken, while ensuring social distancing is maintained by personnel on the ground.

“This will include a single grass cut presently, cemetery grass cutting, activation of suction sweepers, road patching on roads that are in need of repair and are classed as emergency repairs in the normal course and specific footpath repair and maintenance” he said.

The news comes as Cllr Danielle Twomey (SF) raised serious concerns regarding the state of some east Cork roads, along with increases in illegal dumping and dog fouling.

Mr Lucey has said “while Council continue to have to deal with the scourge of dog fouling, grass cutting at the very least is an aid to visibility of same and potentially may increase responsibility among dog owners.”
“In the case of road patching, the Rosco Patchers are operated by drivers in a cab on their own with 1 or 2 flagmen (depending on road type and traffic volume). We have appropriate operating procedures in place for both travel to sites, and operations, to meet all guidance also” he concluded.

Welcoming the announcement Cllr Twomey said she has been inundated with complaints of damage to cars from our roads, more than ever before.

“While many mechanical businesses are closed it is hard for my constituents to get these vital repairs, leaving some without transport to and from work. If these works are possible to do safely,  then they must be prioritised” she said.