Midleton Auctioneer Takes A Quantum Leap



Midleton based auctioneer James Colbert has been nominated for a Chambers Ireland Corporate Social Responsibility Award. While they may not eliminate it altogether Colbert & Co. auctioneers are making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of paper they use.
The decision to decrease the amount of paper used is being driven by several factors, including cost savings, according to James Colbert proprietor of Colbert and Co.
“We use online systems for signing all our documents. Our lease agreements and take on sheets are all stored securely through a number of shared data sources.”
All the brochures are created electronically and emailed to respective clients.
The Midleton man told the Frontpagenews.ie ” the initial set up was quite expensive but I would expect to see a cost saving to the business from next year on.”
James added “When we introduced this project we were using up to 80 sheets of paper per property. This is mainly due to new legislation issued by the PSRA(Property Service Regulatory Authority) who demand we print off agreements 13 pages long for Owner, Purchaser/Tenant and a copy for our files. As well as Client Info sheets, Tenant/Purchaser info sheets, references, proof of deposit and Sales Advisory Notes we were spending a huge amount of time and money printing forms for move Ins.
Through online signature systems, cloud storage and handheld tablets we have now reduced each file down to essential documents only which amount to 22 pages. The office target is to be paperless by November 2014.”