One rule for teachers another for nurses but who will pay the bill

Inmo strike

Over 60,000 of the country’s nurses and midwifes are getting set to march on the annual Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland conference later this week.
The NMBI the statutory body that regulates the nursing and midwifery profession in Ireland has voted to increase its annual retention fees from €100 to €150 from January 2015.
In 2014 the NMBI increased the retention fee from €88 to €100, this proposed addition would mean an 80% increase in two years.
Currently a teacher will pay registration of €65 a year. This figure was reduced from €90 in 2012.
The Irish Nurses Organisation (INMO) are seeking the reversal of this proposed fee increase.
Liam Doran general secretary of the INMO told the”there is no explanation what the NMBI are planning on doing. Inflation is less than 1%, the annual retention fee for other allied health professionals, is set at €100 until 2017. ”
The NMBI says “due to changes in legislation as well as public fitness to practice hearings, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) will become a mandatory requirement with nurses and midwives needing to maintain professional competence on an on-going basis and to demonstrate competence. To support the regulation, the Board of NMBI has approved an annual retention fee of €150 for 2015 for nurses and midwives”
The NMBI added “there is no guarantee that these fees will not increase again next year. The extra costs are being incurred as we try to modernise the service. It’s in the registrant’s interest as these changes promote excellence.
INMO’s Liam Doran doesn’t accept this “its wholly unacceptable for our members to bear the brunt of these fees. The government , the department of Health and the HSE all have a part to play. We would encourage our members to cancel their direct debits and only pay the €100 registration if these fees are not reversed. ”
The NMBI stated “The NMBI is a statutory body we our funding comes directly from our registrants. Part payment of the registration fees does not give a person the certificate to operate.”

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