Pothole season has opened

Pothole season is open

Commuters who use the junction of the Cork Road and Knockgriffin in Midleton are in for a bumpy ride. That’s according to Fine Gael councillor Susan McCarthy.
The Councillor told a meeting of the East Cork Municipality road users have no way of avoiding the pot hole the size of a crater, “it’s been there for years. I think it was filled in but has reappeared again. You can’t swing out to avoid it as people think you are turning left and over take you”.
David Clarke Senior Engineer Roads Cork County council told the councillor ” We will deal with that as a temporary repair. The Cork road is to be overlaid with some drainage works to be done also. That’s one of the areas we need to concentrate on. There was a hole last year by Carey’s garage as a result of ongoing ponding of water. While they were some gullies they weren’t taking the drainage that was fixed. The Cork road is a flat surface and as such is hard to drain. We currently have a plan in place and funding assigned. We are just awaiting the tender process. “