No flood relief for Midleton

No midleton flood relief
David Clarke Senior Engineer Roads Cork County Council told Monday’s East Cork Municipal meeting the Midleton Flood Relief Scheme may not be in place for at least another 5 to 7 years.
Mr Clarke told the meeting ” this scheme which will be designed to help alleviate flooding in Midleton town will take a number of years to go through feasibility plan processes prior to construction he said.
There are 5 distinct phases involved in the OPW flood relief schemes.
Stage 1 feasibility and preferred option selection.
Stage 2 environmental assessment and planning
Stage 3 detail design and procurement of works contract
Stage 4 confirmation of the scheme
Stage 5 construction and handover”
The Office of Public Works (OPW ) are currently drafting a technical specification procurement document for the appointment of a consultant to the Midleton flood risk assessment and management study.
Following an internal review the OPW will then pass this draft document to Cork County Council for finalisation which will include pluvial flooding which is flooding from direct rainfall. Once both parties have reviewed the documents. The tendering procurement process will take place. It is understood that the OPW have asked Cork County Council to act as their agent to secure consultants for the Midleton flood risk and assessment study.
Municipal Chairman Noel Collins told Mr Clarke that “the report mentioned nothing of the dredging of the river or the building up of the river bank.”
Mr Clarke responded “we will soon find out if this is part of the plan once the draft document is completed.”
Councillor Michael Hegarty added “at least this is a start but the €1.2 million that was set aside by Midleton Town Council before it was disbanded allocated towards it, where does that come into the overall equation? Mr. Clarke told the councillor “the OPW will generally fund remedial flood relief works when it’s tidal or fluvial which is river flooding, but they will not fund urban road drainage. It’s quite possible some of that funding maybe used under the scheme to deal with the road drainage if the road drainage is found to be inefficient. “