Midleton woman honoured for life long caring


Yohana and petronella cantyA caring Midleton woman who has dedicated her life to helping others will receive a lifelong carers award next month.
For over 30 years Yohana Canty has been the full time carer for her daughter Petronella and in between times for her late husband.
The 76-year-old is among 22 carers who will be honoured by President Michael D. Higgins in the Shelburne hotel on 11 February.
Yohana’s daughter Petronella was born with Marfan syndrome a genetic disorder that affects the body’s connective tissue, holding all the body’s cells, organs and tissue together. The condition left Petronella wheelchair bound from 15 years of age.
Peter Cox spokesperson of the Cork Carers Association said he was “delighted that Yohana has been selected for the award, as it is recognising the tremendous work these carers do on a daily basis. Yohana and Petronella have a very unique relationship, where they are both carers for each other. ”
According to the central statistics office, over 30,000 carers are aged over 60 and a further 8,676 are over 75.
Currently there are almost 180,000 carers registered nationally, 20,000 of those are here in Cork.
Mr Cox stated “I am not surprised many care givers are caring for others well into their retirement age and beyond. The combined care the 22 people being honoured by President Higgins have given is 1,200 years.”