Councillor calls for speed ramps in Midleton

Councillor Pat Buckley has called for speed ramps to be installed between the traffic lights at the junction of the northern relief road to the junction of Broomfield estate.
Councillor Buckley told the that “trucks come down that hill at some speed. I have called on the council to install speed bumps at previous municipality meetings but have been ignored. It will cost the council big time when they have to remove a six year old from the rear axle of a lorry.”
Council staff are at present widening the road at the bend by Ard Na Corran and Brookedale.
A spokesperson for Cork County Council told the that ” the Council are currently completing some minor kerbing works in advance of Blacktop Resurfacing works which are scheduled to be carried out in 2 to 3 weeks time.
We do not consider that ramps would be appropriate at this location. In fact ramps, particularly on a hill, could cause a vehicle to lose control and create a hazard. Furthermore, ramps create a noise nuisance to local residents.
The Council will put in some traffic calming measures in the form of road markings once the resurfacing is carried out.”