County Cork New York Association Visit Cobh


Representatives of the County Cork New York Association were accorded a civic reception by Cobh Municipality recently.
The group led by Cobh native and broadcaster Treasa Goodwin-Smyth were in town to view the Titanic Memorial Garden located at the Holy Ground.
The association of 500 philanthropists each with a Cork connection raised €15,000 in 2012 to help the people of Cobh commemorate the passengers who boarded the Titanic at Cobh (then Queenstown).
The monies were used to create a unique glass wall that simulates the Titanic’s anchorage at Roches point. Etched into the structure are the names of those 123 who boarded the ill-fated ship at Cobh.
79 of those perished when the ship sank after striking an iceberg.
Councillor Sinead Sheppard told the meeting ” a lot of money was raised in times that are difficult to raise this money. What you did for us over two years ago in raising the money for the glass wall over in the Titanic Memorial garden words can’t describe how delighted we are. Without that funding you supplied to us the glass wall would really not be there now. ”
TD David Stanton who is recognised as the link between both groups said “Titanic was a major event for Cobh in 2012. As part of that commemoration it was decided to create a memorial garden. The fact that Cobh was the last port of call for the Titanic as it headed to New York led me to suggest to the County Cork New York Association that this would be a project worth supporting. The money they raised was the tipping point in creating this project. As Sinead Sheppard said the bond between Cobh and New York is now even stronger. The Taoiseach who turned the first sod, SEACAD who helped with funding along with Bord Failte are delighted with the memorial garden, that adds to the attraction of Cobh as being a visitor centre.”

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