Meter ready boundary boxes are being installed in footpaths throughout Midleton


Cork County Council working as an agent for Irish Water are currently installing meter-ready boundary boxes in footpaths throughout Midleton to help facilitate the easy access for Irish Water to install their smart meters. That’s according to Sinn Fein councilorPat Buckley.
Mr. Buckley said that “suddenly Cork County Council have decided to upgrade seventy footpaths in Midleton – in some cases footpaths that residents have been begging the council to repair for years – all this work just happens to coincide with Irish Water Ltd.’s plans to install their tax meters.”
In a statement released by Irish Water to the the organization said; “The installation programme is developed in close liaison with the relevant local authority taking cognisance of other works being carried out in areas and other local information. Irish Water cannot provide a specific response to this query without a detailed address, however we can confirm that the Irish Water Metering Programme is working with Cork County Council to install boundary boxes and meters as part of the footpath repair works that are currently being undertaken.”
The contacted Cork County Council their spokesperson refused to comment saying “it’s an Irish Water Issue.”